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A property disaster can strike at any time, which could lead to lengthy downtime for your business. Without a proper pre-loss plan in place, your company could see longer interruptions to daily operations, increased severity in damages, and higher costs for restorations.

As a part of your emergency planning procedures, it is imperative that you have aligned your plan with a reputable disaster restoration contractor who knows your facility along with the supporting building maintenance trades, and key contacts within your organization should a structural emergency or catastrophe occur.

By pre-registering your organization with Paul’s Restorations Emergency Response Plan, we ensure that YOU RECEIVE PRIORTY RESPONSE AND SERVICE in the event that a loss occurs.

Plan Overview

The Plan begins by pre-registering your company. Upon completion of the Registration Form, details specific to your company or building are recorded in our database (special contact people, unique site requirements and precautions, etc).

Each location will receive an Emergency Response Plan number which will link us to your site-specific information.

Each of your key personnel within your organization will receive an Emergency Card containing your ERP number and a 24-hour Emergency Planning Response phone number.

When mitigation to a single or multiple events is required, an immediate call to Paul’s Restorations will initiate mobilization. Our team of professionals will immediately respond to the situation, and resources in all forms will be dispatched. Our team of professionals is comprised of Paul’s Restorations location staff and, when necessary, our preferred vendors, ensuring our response is scalable and achieves the risk mitigation plan.

All services provided under this plan are backed by Paul’s Restorations through our 5-year Workmanship Warranty. Paul’s Restorations will ensure appropriate response to all warranty issues.

As part of our Total Quality Management practices, Paul’s Restorations’ Planning Committee meets regularly to review and enhance the risk mitigation response procedures, ensuring the goals and objectives of customer expectations are maintained.

Our Services

Paul’s Restorations will expedite mitigation services for cleanup and reconstruction to remediate conditions as a result of natural causes, accidental occurrences, environmental hazards, and other casualties at any type of facility. All services outlined in this plan will apply when the plan is initiated.

Emergency Services

Fire Restoration

Environmental Services


Wind & Storm Damage

Document Restoration

Always Ready When You Need Us

Clients can request our service by making a single call to Paul’s Restorations 24-hour Emergency Number at 1-800-363-7285.

Our emergency line is monitored by Primary on call personnel and Secondary staff to ensure an immediate reply.

We are committed to the following objectives to promote a positive working relationship:

Partnering Relations

Project Performance

Dispute Resolution

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