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Certified Mould Inspection, Removal, & Remediation Services in Ontario


Mould is an extremely serious issue. If not treated quickly, it can grow rapidly and lead to further property damage. There are also health concerns related to mould as it makes the air quality in your home or business potentially dangerous.
Paul’s Restorations offers expert mould removal solutions so that you can breathe easy again. Our certified technicians will quickly and effectively remove all traces of this dangerous substance from your property with minimal disruption to your day-to-day routine. Contact us today for your consultation.

When to Get a Mould Inspection

  • Recent Water Damage
  • Visible Growth
  • Strange Smell
  • Health Complications
  • Reinventing Your Home
  • Why Choose Our Restoration Company for your Mould Removal?

    Experienced Professionals - we have been in the mould inspection and removal business for 40 years and we have the experience necessary to provide high quality services.

    Effective Procedures - our mould inspection and remediation contractors have designed a comprehensive process that ensures all traces of mould are efficiently eliminated from your property.

    Skilled & Qualified Specialists - our highly trained professionals are IICRC Certified and well-equipped with the tools and techniques that meet our high standard of service excellence.

    Latest Technology - our specialists use advanced technology to properly eliminate mould from your interior and provide appropriate air quality testing. Our licensed experts can treat any strain of mould including black mould removal.

    First-Rate Communication - our staff are available 24/7, 365 days of the year. We offer a streamlined customer service experience, ensuring that you receive timely communication every step of the way.

  • Mould Removal – The Sooner the Better

    When you have mould in your home, it's always best to deal with it sooner rather than later. Mould does not stop growing. It multiplies until you put a stop to it. Don't wait until it’s too late. Contact Paul’s Restorations, and we'll help you keep your home or business clean and healthy.

    Asbestos Removal Services

    Asbestos is most commonly found in older properties, and if left in good condition undisturbed, is not harmful. However, damage to buildings, such as a water or fire loss, can affect asbestos-containing materials and create a serious health hazard to the building’s residents. Asbestos can commonly be found in older building materials, such as:

    • Popcorn Ceilings
    • Ceiling Tiles
    • Roof Shingles, Tiles, and Siding
    • Floor Tiles and Adhesives
    • Drywall or Joint Compound
    • Pipes, Furnaces or Attic Insulation

    If you notice damage to the above, vacate the property immediately, avoid touching the materials, and call Paul’s Restorations right away.

    Asbestos Inspection

    If you are concerned that your residence or office might contain mould or asbestos, we offer full asbestos inspection services to detect any harmful materials.

    Asbestos Abatement

    Our highly trained contractors can help you remove hazardous material from your property. Abatement of dangerous materials like lead and asbestos must be handled by certified professionals who are knowledgeable about safe removal and disposal methods.

    Certified Asbestos Removal

    We are a licensed asbestos removal company for both residential and commercial properties, and provide quotes and consults to our clients for asbestos testing and abatement. Contact us today for a quote!


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Browse some of our past projects.


Certified Mould Inspection, Removal, & Remediation service.
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